Gellini’s Special Gift: The Process



Main002GelliniSince the inception of Infinite Cortex Creations LLC we knew that our first projects were going to be more of a journey then a race to finish. With that being said I am happy to announce that we have finalized the look for Gellini’s Special Gift. After going back and forth on styles, and debating the value and time of producing high quality illustrations we have landed on a very interesting final look!

We are starting each page digitally. We layout a basic perspective grid, pushing the depth and abstraction of the backgrounds on many pages, while keeping them simple to enhance the feeling of excitement. The fore ground elements, such as Gellini and her ever present friends the hedgehog and Mini Elephant, are sketched digitally and then Joshua Johnson is creating the final fore ground art using traditional water color illustration techniques. We are then scanning the art work and combining  them into the final pages. Look for more updates and previews of Gellini’s art coming soon!

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