Fillip Frogs Fly Feast: Meet the Bugs

Fillip Frogs Fly Feast: The Bugs

Spencer Johnson has been doing a great job breathing life into the Bugs you’ll be trying to eat and avoid in our first iOS game. I’ll be posting a video showing the basic flight behavior he’s been programing. We are super excited about how organic he’s been able to make our little cutout style art assets look.In the meantime let me introduce you to our Bugs!
We are creating three basic Flies that are good for eating. Each of the flies will have different behaviors and be worth different points appropriately. The little blue ones will be especially hard to snag.

The Beatles and the Fireflies should be avoided at all costs! their hard shells don’t digest and they could be the death of you.
Then there are the mosquitoes! These suckers are good to eat, but look out. If you don’t catch them quick they’ll make you their next meal.

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