Sketch Blog: A Character Study Portrait Update

When I’m not working on Fillip Frogs Fly Feast, or Gellini’s Special Gift, you’ll probably find me creating more of Sol’Ashe’, The steam punk fantasy world I’m inventing as the setting for stories I’m working on. The story I’m creating right now starts on Bor Island. It’s a small island that divides a river and is known for a certain type cherry blossom that grows there. It’s flower’s smell invokes memories of childhood. I’m currently working on getting my cast for the story in place. Below is a concept portrait update of a speed painting I did when I started thinking about one of the characters. It was from a while ago before I knew what story I wanted him to be in.

Original Speed Painting:


Updated Painting:

As a bonus, here are some silhouette studies of the Bor Island dear. The species has a fatty growth on it’s back to help protect it from predator attacks from above.

Look for future posts! I’ll be sharing more concept art for the story!

I had so much fun updating this concept piece I also decided to update a speed painting with a new version, also a speed painting, but with more time spent looking at reference.

Original Speed Painting:


Updated Speed Painting:



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