Fillip’s Feast Released

I’m ecstatic to announce that Infinite Cortex Creations first game, Fillip’s Feast is available for download from the apple App store! Now anytime someone’s bored for the holidays, needs a break from their family, or is waiting for their layover in the airport they can join Fillip in his swamp and feast on a buffet of bugs.


What can only be a Solstice miracle that on the shortest day on of the year our game makes it through apple’s review process in unbelievable speed.  Developers often lament about apple’s review process taking over 2 weeks, but our game took just over 2 days.  Part of the design goal of Fillip was to keep it simple, that and using apple’s sprite kit as our game engine I’m sure contributed to the speed at which they were able to test and approve our product.  Stay tuned to our blog as we post about our process and techniques we used throughout our production.  As well look for the next version of Fillip to be release as we make improvements and plan to expand the content.

Get Fillip’s Feast!



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