Through the Fog:

Billowing, cold, steamy, misty, thin, thick, echoing, hushed, fog comes with as many characteristics as necessary to describe the current mood, scene, setting, location or even a feeling. Which one often tells the story.

Panting, we continued to run over the terrain our hair dripping with the collecting dampness. They were catching up rapidly as we could hear the horses’ hoof beats on the ground. There were only humans chasing us but we would need a miracle to escape. Then then the fog rolled in.

The shapes of the cargo appeared out of the fog on the deck of the ship. Only the most seasoned sailors could manage the trek on deck in this thickness. “Breooooh”, the mournful cry of the fog horn rebounded through the air. Knowing we were near land was vital information and absolutely critical for our survival. We had the luck that our captain knew these shores and the underwater rock formations and fortunately our pursuers did not.

Trying to keep my footing as I rapidly walk through the park to my next appointment. Ugh, I stepped in the mud again. The thick mist keeps hiding the path which I thought I knew like the back of my hand. Focus. Focus. This meeting could change the rest of my life. The mist sure is billowing around the lights. Lights? What lights? There aren”t any lights in this part of the park, especially like those. Where am I……?

So, what does fog say to you?

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