Every Single Minute

Every Single Minute

My brother once said to me that he knew he was expendable by the time he was nine. My response to him was that he beat me; because, I made the discovery the summer I turned ten. I cried off and on for two weeks. Incredibly you grow up pretty fast under these circumstances. Life became more than precious to me; it resonated in finiteness. It was here where I began my crazy relationship with time.

It was with great frustration the first time I picked up an organization book. Stunned, I read that we should be multi-tasking. My first reaction was to burn the book. I have been multi-tasking since my age was in a single digit! What genius thought this up? I was hoping to be able to not have to multi-task all day long. Yet, I persevered learning a few tips on arranging things to be more efficient.

Then I got into all the goal setting books being driven by higher personal motivators. These systems are just so complex with so many different layers, I had to draw diagrams in order to know how to apply the systems’ diagrams. There were altitudes, guiding principles, levels, numbers, four squares……….one even had an elephant in it; one of my favorites. All of them accounting for time in a day, week, month, year and beyond while trying to link the higher internal human principles of actualization to time. Being highly creative and hyperactive might explain why I had some difficulties with this. I need structure to be productive but seem to fight against it at the same time. Hence, my ever seeking a system that will work for me. The strange part is I don’t seem to have a problem getting things done. Yes, I do procrastinate at times; but, it is usually because I am still working on the task in my head.

Seeing things in my head may indeed be the problem. That 3D space is just not converting to the 2D space of planning. I do not make lists well. Every time I sit down to make a list I can’t seem to remember what goes on it. I have to do a visualization exercise to bring the items to mind. I just seem to be maintaining a running record in my head of all the tasks or actions, as some systems call them, that I need to do over time. I do know that the systems’ objective is for you to get all the organizational outcomes out into a system to free your mind.

Being free would certainly be desirable. In the meantime, I will continue my exploration of organizing and managing time. Maybe, as the precious resource of time ticks away, I should be looking more into my own outcomes instead of trying to account for every single minute.

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