The Many Faces of Fillip

Fillip is our most complicated Sprite in Fillip’s Feast.  Makes sense since he is the playable character and protagonist of the swamp.  In total Fillip is made from 76 different Sprites.  His Body which transitions form varying degrees of girth consists of 17 different sprites with a separate sprite for his Legs.  However His head, which flicks his sticky deadly tongue, has the most sprites and animations in the Game.



Fillip’s head can strike in 360 degrees around him.  The Individual animation sequences are made of 8 sprites each covering a 180 degree arc at 45 degree intervals.  Those animations are mirrored and reused when striking on the opposite side.

That’s 40 sprite images just for his tongue Strike.  In Addition to the strike animations, Fillip also has a pre-strike anticipation state.  A squinty eye death stare that happens when a finger touches down on the screen.



Fillip also has a few emotional states he enters depending on the immediate circumstances of the game.  The default, a neutral state, that he starts in and transitions to and from if nothing much is happening.  The worst, a sad state that causes him to frown whenever he’s bitten by a mosquito or swallows a poisonous bug (i.e. a Lady Bug or Fire Fly).



Ultimately the state that the player most wants to see Fillip in is his Happy state.  A large and beaming smile that lets the player know they’re taking care of Fillip just right by eating all those flies and mosquitos.



To see all these sprites in action, download Fillip’s Feasts from the Apple App store. Lets us know in the comments below if you’d like to see a tutorial on how we set up the different animations as well handling the transition from each of the different states using Apple’s SpriteKit.


Fillip’s Feast Released

I’m ecstatic to announce that Infinite Cortex Creations first game, Fillip’s Feast is available for download from the apple App store! Now anytime someone’s bored for the holidays, needs a break from their family, or is waiting for their layover in the airport they can join Fillip in his swamp and feast on a buffet of bugs.


What can only be a Solstice miracle that on the shortest day on of the year our game makes it through apple’s review process in unbelievable speed.  Developers often lament about apple’s review process taking over 2 weeks, but our game took just over 2 days.  Part of the design goal of Fillip was to keep it simple, that and using apple’s sprite kit as our game engine I’m sure contributed to the speed at which they were able to test and approve our product.  Stay tuned to our blog as we post about our process and techniques we used throughout our production.  As well look for the next version of Fillip to be release as we make improvements and plan to expand the content.

Get Fillip’s Feast!



Fillip’s Feast submitted to Apple

In the wee hours of this day Infinite Cortex Creations Submitted its first App to the Apple App Store.  The review process can take 1 to 2 weeks so it’s unlikely our game, Fillip’s Feast will be available until after the new year.  Still we felt confident that our first product was ready for launch and it was important to us to get Fillip submitted before Apple cuts off submissions for the year on the 22nd of December.

Submitting Fillip’s Feast is a small mile stone for our company but a moment of extreme pride for me personally.  The initial concept for Fillip came to me several years ago as a simple and fun game; primarily to use as an opportunity to teach myself mobile game development and design. The final product could not have been achieved with out the hard work and dedication of all the partners here at Infinite Cortex Creations.  It would be arrogant for Fillip to think he is solely responsible for our company’s existence, but he was the spark that set us on this journey. Below are the original concept sketches I made for the game and the central frog character, who would eventually become known as Fillip.  appSketch fillipSketch


We’ll let you know when Fillip’s Feast is approved and available for download, we know you all are eager to get in that swamp and chow down some bugs.

Fillip Frog’s game play update.

Just a quick update on Fillip Frogs Fly Feast! We’ve gotten the basic game play coming together nicely. The Mosquitos are now attacking you in a very natural way and we are homing in on the menu designs. Below is a basic demonstration of the game play in alpha testing.

As a fun bonus, here is a video of Spencer working on getting the bugs to stick to your tongue after you capture them. Looks like Fillip needs to swallow every now and then, but it’s looking great!

Fillip Frogs Fly Feast: Meet the Bugs

Fillip Frogs Fly Feast: The Bugs

Spencer Johnson has been doing a great job breathing life into the Bugs you’ll be trying to eat and avoid in our first iOS game. I’ll be posting a video showing the basic flight behavior he’s been programing. We are super excited about how organic he’s been able to make our little cutout style art assets look.In the meantime let me introduce you to our Bugs!
We are creating three basic Flies that are good for eating. Each of the flies will have different behaviors and be worth different points appropriately. The little blue ones will be especially hard to snag.

The Beatles and the Fireflies should be avoided at all costs! their hard shells don’t digest and they could be the death of you.
Then there are the mosquitoes! These suckers are good to eat, but look out. If you don’t catch them quick they’ll make you their next meal.

Launching the News Stream

In anticipation of launching our website, this is officially our first “News” post! To kick things off here are a couple things we’ve been working on.

  • Fat Frog Feast, our first iOS game is coming along nicely! We have been working on coding the menu/UI systems and fly behavioral algorithms. Meanwhile on the art side of things, our look is finalized, the background daytime matt painting is done, and we are  putting together some test sprite sheets for the bugs.
  • Gellini’s Special Gift, our first children’s book is currently going through design refinement. We are ironing out the details of the characters costume to make them unique and iconic. That way they stand out, while still speaking to the classic circus setting of the story. We have a great new set of clown shoe concept paintings.