Fillip’s Feast Released

I’m ecstatic to announce that Infinite Cortex Creations first game, Fillip’s Feast is available for download from the apple App store! Now anytime someone’s bored for the holidays, needs a break from their family, or is waiting for their layover in the airport they can join Fillip in his swamp and feast on a buffet of bugs.


What can only be a Solstice miracle that on the shortest day on of the year our game makes it through apple’s review process in unbelievable speed.  Developers often lament about apple’s review process taking over 2 weeks, but our game took just over 2 days.  Part of the design goal of Fillip was to keep it simple, that and using apple’s sprite kit as our game engine I’m sure contributed to the speed at which they were able to test and approve our product.  Stay tuned to our blog as we post about our process and techniques we used throughout our production.  As well look for the next version of Fillip to be release as we make improvements and plan to expand the content.

Get Fillip’s Feast!



Fillip’s Feast submitted to Apple

In the wee hours of this day Infinite Cortex Creations Submitted its first App to the Apple App Store.  The review process can take 1 to 2 weeks so it’s unlikely our game, Fillip’s Feast will be available until after the new year.  Still we felt confident that our first product was ready for launch and it was important to us to get Fillip submitted before Apple cuts off submissions for the year on the 22nd of December.

Submitting Fillip’s Feast is a small mile stone for our company but a moment of extreme pride for me personally.  The initial concept for Fillip came to me several years ago as a simple and fun game; primarily to use as an opportunity to teach myself mobile game development and design. The final product could not have been achieved with out the hard work and dedication of all the partners here at Infinite Cortex Creations.  It would be arrogant for Fillip to think he is solely responsible for our company’s existence, but he was the spark that set us on this journey. Below are the original concept sketches I made for the game and the central frog character, who would eventually become known as Fillip.  appSketch fillipSketch


We’ll let you know when Fillip’s Feast is approved and available for download, we know you all are eager to get in that swamp and chow down some bugs.

Fillip Frog’s game play update.

Just a quick update on Fillip Frogs Fly Feast! We’ve gotten the basic game play coming together nicely. The Mosquitos are now attacking you in a very natural way and we are homing in on the menu designs. Below is a basic demonstration of the game play in alpha testing.

As a fun bonus, here is a video of Spencer working on getting the bugs to stick to your tongue after you capture them. Looks like Fillip needs to swallow every now and then, but it’s looking great!

Product Updates

Just a little news on the progression of our iOS game Fillip Frog’s Fly Feast! Spencer has made great progress on the behavior of the flies and other bugs while Mark has gotten the game mechanics of the frogs attack working well. Our next step is pushing out our progress to devices in order to start tweaking and reviewing game play potential. The whole process is taking quite a bit longer then we planned but the results are looking beautiful.


Gellini’s Special Gift is also coming along nicely. The story and illustrations are almost completely laid out and we are reviewing the words to illustrations relationship in the next week, at which point Daniel will be doing final layouts, Joshua will be producing the traditional art assets while Colleen finalizes the text for the story.

Fillip Frogs Fly Feast: Meet the Bugs

Fillip Frogs Fly Feast: The Bugs

Spencer Johnson has been doing a great job breathing life into the Bugs you’ll be trying to eat and avoid in our first iOS game. I’ll be posting a video showing the basic flight behavior he’s been programing. We are super excited about how organic he’s been able to make our little cutout style art assets look.In the meantime let me introduce you to our Bugs!
We are creating three basic Flies that are good for eating. Each of the flies will have different behaviors and be worth different points appropriately. The little blue ones will be especially hard to snag.

The Beatles and the Fireflies should be avoided at all costs! their hard shells don’t digest and they could be the death of you.
Then there are the mosquitoes! These suckers are good to eat, but look out. If you don’t catch them quick they’ll make you their next meal.

Gellini’s Special Gift: The Process



Main002GelliniSince the inception of Infinite Cortex Creations LLC we knew that our first projects were going to be more of a journey then a race to finish. With that being said I am happy to announce that we have finalized the look for Gellini’s Special Gift. After going back and forth on styles, and debating the value and time of producing high quality illustrations we have landed on a very interesting final look!

We are starting each page digitally. We layout a basic perspective grid, pushing the depth and abstraction of the backgrounds on many pages, while keeping them simple to enhance the feeling of excitement. The fore ground elements, such as Gellini and her ever present friends the hedgehog and Mini Elephant, are sketched digitally and then Joshua Johnson is creating the final fore ground art using traditional water color illustration techniques. We are then scanning the art work and combining  them into the final pages. Look for more updates and previews of Gellini’s art coming soon!