Gellini’s Shoe Sketch

Concept for Gellini’s clown Shoes. Joshua has been doing these off my basic line drawings and I’m especially fond of the subtle, glittery shine in the bow.




Gellini Concept Art

Josh took Daniel’s basic sketches for Gellini’s parents shoes and applied his masterful digital painting skills to them.

Launching the News Stream

In anticipation of launching our website, this is officially our first “News” post! To kick things off here are a couple things we’ve been working on.

  • Fat Frog Feast, our first iOS game is coming along nicely! We have been working on coding the menu/UI systems and fly behavioral algorithms. Meanwhile on the art side of things, our look is finalized, the background daytime matt painting is done, and we are  putting together some test sprite sheets for the bugs.
  • Gellini’s Special Gift, our first children’s book is currently going through design refinement. We are ironing out the details of the characters costume to make them unique and iconic. That way they stand out, while still speaking to the classic circus setting of the story. We have a great new set of clown shoe concept paintings.